About NLP NorthEast and our low fees

For 19 years, nlp northeast, a not-for-profit association of NLP trainers, have been offering expert and knowledgeable nlp training, at times and at prices individuals can manage. We realised early on that these skills would greatly improve the work and the well-being of people who work with people (teachers, nurses, care staff, social workers, doctors, charities, etc.), and that the organisations who employ those people would not usually have the funding to pay the prices which we had to pay for our NLP training.

The reason we can afford to run NLP training at these prices is that we use lovely but low cost venues, the administration is all done by Cricket in a spare bedroom of her house, our ‘advertising’ is done mostly by word of mouth, and our trainers all have other jobs during the week!

Of course, because we do exceptionally good training, other people come on our courses too; accountants, engineers, potters, therapists, chemists,

Come and learn these extraordinary skills, which offer you different ways of perceiving the world, and new ways of acting in it. You can use these skills to be clear about what you need in the world, to get along better with other people, and to influence yourself and other people in ways which are more useful and effective.

We endeavour to be a friendly organisation. We welcome people from all backgrounds, and pride ourselves in the diversity of our participants, most of whom are coming in their own time, and at their own expense.